2021 First-Time Homebuyer’s Education Course!

Finally Home! Homebuyer Education Course!

Idaho Housing and several organizations statewide, has designed an education program called Finally Home! to help address many issues that potential home owners face.

The program covers:
– Budgeting
– Understanding credit
– All of the costs associated with purchasing

As well as help you to:
– Make educated and smart decisions
– Determine when you are ready to purchase a home
– Determine what type of home you are looking for
– Understand what you can afford
– Provide a strong foundation for starting the process
– Learn about financing options

Participants who successfully complete Finally Home! MAY be eligible for the – following incentives:
– Down payment and closing cost assistance
– Programs that accept higher debt ratios
– Using gifted funds at closing

Here is the schedule for 2021 classes at CdA Association of REALTORS:

January – No Class due to Covid
February – 2/24/2021 – Wednesday 5:15pm-9:45pm
March – 3/24/2021 – Wednesday 5:15pm-9:45pm
April – 4/21/2021 – Wednesday 5:15pm-9:45pm
May – 5/26/2021 – Wednesday 5:15pm-9:45pm
June – 6/23/2021 – Wednesday 5:15pm-9:45pm
July – No Class due to Schedules
August – 8/25/2021 – Wednesday 5:15pm-9:45pm
September – 9/22/2021 – Wednesday 5:15pm-9:45pm
October – 10/27/2021 – Wednesday 5:15pm-9:45pm
November – 11/17/2021 – Wednesday 5:15pm-9:45pm
December – No Class due to Schedules

Please register at http://www.finallyhomeidaho.com/cda/ to attend the class. Class is $10 per person.

*Classes with under 5 participants will be cancelled.

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