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Coeur d'Alene Regional REALTORS®

2022 Candidate Endorsements

Each election cycle our Government Affairs Committee researches candidates at the city and county levels to determine their support for our industry. Our mission is to elect pro-homeownership and pro-real estate candidates - regardless of party affiliation.

This year the Government Affairs Committee of the Coeur d'Alene Regional REALTORS® and the North Idaho Builders Political Action Committee are working together to protect your freedom of private property rights. We have evaluated numerous candidates based on their qualifications, viability, and support for the real estate industry. Together we have voted to Endorse these Candidates.

Keep Idaho, Idaho

Research the Candidates 

To start, check out the 'Meet the Candidates' (found ) which contains candidate live interviews. This information is submitted weeks before the election, so the candidates' website will contain the most up-to-date information on endorsements

Make Your Voice Heard

The Coeur d' Alene Association of REALTORS®, along with the State Association (IAR) and the National Association (NAR), advocates for policies that promote homeownership, private property rights, economic development, optimal land use, easing burdens caused by excessive taxation, energy conservation and more. CRR engages local and regional government by monitoring and/or advocating for proposed laws and/or regulations that relate to real estate issues.

The REALTOR® Party is effective at all levels of government because of its grassroots strength. That strength is exhibited in advocacy as well as community involvement. Our Government Affairs Committee works hand in hand with the REALTORS Political Action Committee (RPAC).

National Advocacy 

In a letter to Congress, NAR expressed concerns on tax proposals that could negatively impact the health of the commercial real estate market and limit the production of affordable rental housing.

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