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Coeur d'Alene Regional REALTORS®

Kootenai County

Exemption & Property Tax Relief: In addition to assessing value to property, the Assessor also manages valuation exemption programs together with receiving applications for the State of Idaho’s property tax reduction and veterans tax reduction programs.

Homeowners Tax Exemption: The Homeowners Exemption is an exemption provided by Idaho State law that saves the property owner money on their property taxes.

Property Tax Reduction :If you're a qualified Idaho homeowner, you might be eligible for the Property Tax Reduction (PTR) program. You could reduce property taxes from $250 to $1,500 on your home and up to one acre of land.

Kootenai County Assessor website

Shoshone County

Owners of property in Shoshone County receive their annual assessment notices early in June, which notifies the owner of the current year’s market value for their property. The value is used to determine the amount of property taxes due later in the year.

Shoshone County Assessor website

Shoshone PHD: Superfund Environmental Data Request

Bonner County

Boundry County

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